Care instruction nr. 1

Treat your tattoo with love

Pinching, scratching, plucking, or objects / clothing that rub against your tattoo can damage it. The skin over your tattoo will renew itself - if the old skin layer dissolves, do not scratch it but wait until it goes off by itself!

A fresh tattoo should be well maintained, because the first days after the jump-off decide how the tattoo heals and will look like later!

However, intensive care is also the order of the day - the better you care for your skin, the more beautiful and radiant the colors will be.

Before and after tattooing

  • 4 - 6 weeks no direct sunlight on the affected area (avoid sunburn as much as possible!) And no solarium!
  • When sunbathing in the future always sufficient sunscreen (best sunblock factor 50) use
  • Give up sports for one to two weeks. Sweat can cause infection and can promote the transport of color from the skin.
  • Swimming pool, full baths and sauna are also taboo for a few weeks!

TIP: Should your tattoo stick to your clothes in the first few days - please do not tear it! Simply wipe the garment with warm water and wait for the skin to peel off by itself.

How to treat your tattoo:

1st day: Leave the foil on the fresh tattoo for at least three and at most five hours. Then put the film down, wash the tattoo and dab carefully with a disposable cloth (eg kitchen roll). Allow the tattoo to air dry for half an hour and then apply thin cream (!!!) with a healing and healing ointment. Then cover the spot again with foil. Change this "bandage" at least every four hours (at least four times a day) and wash off the tattoo over and over again and apply a thin cream. TIP: For on the way you can Also use baby wipes for cleaning if water is not available! Always wash your hands before touching the fresh tattoo.

2nd - 3rd day: In the morning, remove the foil again, clean the tattoo, apply a thin cream and cover again with foil. Change bandage several times a day.

Day 4: Do not cover tattoo with foil. However, cream the tattooed area about six times a day with the wound and healing ointment. The tattoo should always be moisturized.

From 10th day: Please do not use wound and healing ointment anymore! The tattoo should now be cared for only with moisturizer, until the skin no longer feels dry and completely supple.


Important: Covering the tattoo with foil in the first few days speeds up the healing process. However, if you notice that your skin can not tolerate the foil wrap (eg rash, severe burning sensation), please remove the foil immediately and let the tattoo heal in the air (but tattoo the tattoo several times a day!).

If you have any questions or problems, please contact us immediately: Eva: +43 (0) 664 4559012 or Julia: +43 (0) 681 814 55 929.

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